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Some of the pieces might offend; as RICHH used to say

    "Disclaimer:  The following story contains naughty bits.  If
you are under 18, or if this has somehow wandered onto the K12 net,
STOP READING NOW.  Do not, I repeat, do not email it to all your
friends.  And for God's sake do not make a printout of it and
distribute copies all over your school.  I mean sure, it'll be cool
and all, and you'll probably have lots of new friends, and you'll
probably even get lots of dates which will lead to numerous nights
of hot, sticky backseat passion, but like, you could get in big
trouble.  Cause I know a kid who did it and sure, it was cool
for awhile, but all the new friends he made weren't like *real*
friends.  Plus like, it's all fully and legally copyrighted and
if you think you're so tough now, let's see how you feel after a
few months in the joint sharing a cell with a disgruntled former
Kinko's employee with something to prove.  Copyright prison--you
wouldn't last a day.
You have been warned.

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If you have stumbled onto this site, these stories were originally posted by Richh, back in the early days of Usenet.
My own collection of these stories, I post it here so others will learn about and enjoy them, and those who knew of RICHH can find them.
I like the funny witty ones, the naughty ones, not so much but hey. The medium of Usenet is different than anything I'd ever read now or since.
No collection I had a hand in would be complete without a link to thomasc, who wrote When I think of all the things I know well,
also one of my favorites. I read both of their posts in the original context, using Fran's Mac, a dial up 28.8 modem,
and my unix shell account late late at night in the early days of Tank Design in Boston, 1993-1994.

Due to concerns by CR Bard, Inc. about the use of their Trademark BARDEX(tm),
the story "cruel-to-be-kind" has been relinked to RICHH's original posting archived on Groups.Google.Com

Richh, thank you for your writings. you are missed.

Some links:
His brother mentions his passing
More info:

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This is a mirror, but with modifications, made by me.
Goodbye, RICHH, and thanks.