Making a withdrawal from your karma account.

I’ve been having a difficult time in my life just recently. Its helped create a lot of doubt in myself, and not a lot of looking forward. I’m unsure about where I will be, where I will live, that sort of thing. Even who I am. Its been difficult, and I’ve been sad a lot.
I got an email from someone today that really helped me. A woman I never met found me on facebook, and sent this from her “things about me” note that has been going around a lot. She sent the note to me, explaining that I was the anonymous person she mentioned in it.
The reason she sought me out was for something I had done for her, without ever meeting or knowing her.
About a year or two ago I reconditioned some older PC’s my company was replacing and gave them to needy causes/people. Some of the recipients I knew about already, but I also decided to look on craigslist and found someone who needed a computer. This person was her.
The fact that this came back to me at such a difficult time in my life leaves me just speechless in awe.
Remember to pay it forward.
So it can come back to you.

Share how you’ve been the recipient of someone “paying it forward” for you:
About a year ago, in desperate need of a computer, I put a posting on Craig’s List asking to barter for a used one. I explained that I am a ‘starving artist/writer’ and needed the computer to keep moving toward a career in writing.
A gentleman responded with a surprising offer: he’d provide a reconditioned CPU and all he wanted in return was for me to “pay it forward” and do a kindness for someone in my future. He arranged a neutral spot to leave the computer for me (he didn’t want any recognition or to be thanked in person), and I’m still using it! He gave me so much, when he provided that random act of kindness. I wish I could tell him the ways I’ve helped others in ‘payment’ to him.

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