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    By Allison Adelle Hedge Coke Feet firmly perchthinnest stalks, reeds, bulrush.Until all at once, they attend myfemale form, streaked throat, brownness. Three fly equidistantaround me, flashing.Each, in turn, calls territorialtrills, beckons ok-a-li, ok-a-li! Spreads his wings, extendsinner muscle quivering redepaulet bands uniquely bolden. Turn away each suitor,mind myself my audience.Select another to consider,He in turn quiver thrills. Leave for insects.Perhaps one male follows.Maybe a few brood of young,line summertime. Silver Maple samaraswing wind, spread clustersalong with mine, renewing Prairie. As summer closes, I leavedragonflies, damselflies, butterflies,mosquitoes, moths, spiders, crickets for grain, see, Sunflower;join thousands to flock Sky—grackles, blackbirds, cowbirds, starlings—Swarming like distant smoke clouds, rising. – Posted from my iPhone

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    Love Yourself.

    (blatantly stolen from my friend @lorisays) RECIPE FOR A GOOD DAY Give thanks for this day because none is promised to any of us.  Give thanks for being able to see and to hear.  Give thanks for being able to walk and talk.  And if you are lucky enough to love and be loved, give thanks. Seek forgiveness where you need it.  Give forgiveness where you can.  And where you can’t, be willing to be willing. Take a moment to remember those less fortunate.   Take a moment to encourage someone.  Take a moment to remember how far you have come from where you have been.  Take a moment to know…