It’s A/UX night kids. Let’s get to it!

Man how weird. I finished up a long week, I feel good that I got lots done, but I also feel like my time just isn’t my own. I’m supposed to help out the nice old lady next door with her new PC and wireless router, but frankly I’d rather stick needles in my eyes. It’s friday night, I’d love a beer but tomorrow is the work Halloween party, so drinking tonight would just be silly. I’m exhausted but bored and a little restless. The teenager has his GF over, which really makes me uncomfortable in our small house, so its down to the basement Lab I go. Julie is busy with a quilt project (I’ve been ignore more and more lately since she got her new long-arm quilting machine, but she is so happy and motivated, I can’t say I don’t understand it.) So I feel compelled to tackle a fun and totally useless tech project down in the somewhat clean basement Lab. So what do I do when the moon is full and I’m restless for some tech fun? That’s right. Time to bust out the BIG MACS and get an AU/X server up and running, and on the web. Why the hell not? I have 3 workgroup servers, 2 SCSI cards for them, drives stacked up over Logan, and some hours to kill that are mine all mine. No phone calls, please.

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