You reading this…

Yeah, you. Close your eyes. Well, you’re reading, so think about closing your eyes. And relaxing. Find a clear moment to sit in. Got it? Ok.

Now. Imagine your computer is going to betray you. Your precious ally, your confident, is about to give up the ghost. Visualize losing all your bookmarks on your computer. Now envision your precious digital photos, all your birthdays and anniversaries, poof. Your address book, filled with 7 years of addresses of friends and family, some contacts you only have here and in no other place. Those Word documents, the ones you typed out. Work you spent days on. All your itunes music, bought and paid for. You know, they don’t offer repeat downloads of that stuff, no matter how much you cry. And what about the much larger illegal collection of tunes you stole? Ouch right? Never mind digital movies, DVD projects, sound files, and good lord, EMAIL?

Scary right? But you’re ok.

For now.

Now go backup.